Budding Programmer

5 Simple Tips for Budding Programmers

You’re about to finish the race and you want to work. You start looking at the most popular networks of job offers and you realize that many need programmers but … most require one or two years of experience. so here are 5 Tips for budding Programmers that will help you.

Think about it. One or two years of experience. How is a recent graduate supposed to have that experience?

1. Learn and code daily.

I know that procrastination is more tempting. But in this life if you are not lucky, you have to compete. And for that you say nothing more and nothing less than your brain. You can not finish college without being self-taught. What school doesn’t teach you? You can learn on your own.

There are many ways to learn. The most common is to seek to participate in secondary projects, contribute in open source communities and take advantage of the resources offered by many platforms such as GitHub.

2. You have to be on LinkedIn even if you do not want to.

Indispensable for CV. If you do not have a profile on LinkedIn, stop reading and create one. Beware of the photo you choose! And try to put all your professional and personal skills, your courses and certifications and the projects in which you are working.

3. Belongs to a developer community.

It is vital. I encourage you to belong to developer communities near you and online. To interact with others through hashtags. To participate in forums and development groups.

In your university there should be some working group or active association related to your field. If There is not? Open one!

4. Trust in yourself.

Do not hold still. Attend events, look for networking … Companies need fast learners, have motivation and do the job in a reasonable period.

5. Search for Internships NOW!

Internships does not guarantee you a job, but it will make you better at the first job. It will give you a real experience, with schedules, companions and some responsibilities.

What are your plans? or you can ask any questions in the comments section below.

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