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Nipun Arora

Web Entrepreneur

Nipun Arora - Web Entrepreneur
About Nipun Arora

I am an entrepreneur based in INDIA, with a rich experience of over eight years in Digital Consultancy & Project Management.

I help Materialise Ideas!

Full-stack consultancy from Ideation to Development to Deployment for my clients all over the world.

Creator of several businesses and Founder of WitNip Technologies, a technology company where we help startups, companies, and Individuals make Digital transformation to the next level.

I am passionate about everything related to Technology, be it Programming & developing specialized software systems, customized desktop, web, and mobile applications, webserver management, and optimizations.

I am an Engineering Graduate. I have some awards and certifications besides my degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering as my certifications of Software Development, English Proficiency, and Business analyst. Do look at my LinkedIn profile for more details about my professional and academic qualifications. You can also see my tutorials and guides to programming, web development, SEO, and others on my Blog & also resolve doubts by contacting me anytime. Languages I know are English, Hindi & Trying to learn Español as well.

When I am not working, I love Travelling, Running, and Yoga. I participate in various track and field games occasionally. Loves writing and blogging.

What I do

Designing, Developing and Maintaining websites, personal blogs, online shops, forums, applications, and websites of all kinds for my clients. In addition, I have experience in Digital Marketing, internet marketing campaigns, campaigns with Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, email marketing, content creation, curation, and marketing, designing logos, infographics, and animated videos that connect with people more easily.

I am a WordPress consultant and developer, support in migrations, optimize complete sites on the page and off the page to appear first in search engines like Google (SEO), correct errors of all kinds, and improve the speed & security of websites which increases the conversion rates, and decreases bounce rate for my client’s websites.

Have plenty of experience working with Cloud computing services such as Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Linode, and Digital Ocean. I can deploy and manage fast, secure, and reliable web servers, mail servers, content delivery networks (CDN), and mobile services.

Digital Consultancy

Project Management

AppLication Development


Project Managment


FOUNDER, Director



Web Developer, Digital Marketer



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